April 29, 30 & May 1, 2011
        Maumee Bay Resort

Welcome to BigWits!

Before - jobs marriage kids exercise low-fat foods remote controls cell phones power meetings. Before - moisture therapy arthritis cream cholesterol count sensible shoes. Before - mini vans car pool lanes being called ma'am. Before - smoke free environments politically correct income tax voice mail. Before - computers video games or microwave ovens.

THERE WAS A TIME when you and your friends would LAUGH and talk about your love life or thighs and LAUGH--talk about boys or zits and LAUGH--talk about hair or clothes and LAUGH? Sometimes you didn't need to talk about anything to LAUGH. Someone would start to say something, giggle, or better yet, snort, and that would make everyone LAUGH even harder!

When's the last time you did that? Got together with just the girls. To LAUGH. Got together to talk about anything and everything. Got together just to...get silly. Laugh as you realize that you aren't the only one with the kids bickering and the boss bellowing and the computer not computing and the pager paging and the in-laws and the phone ringing and the spouse and the missing airline reservation and the red sock in the load of white wash.

Well, what are you waiting for? "Just do it!" (geez I wish I'd have thought of that!) Well, guess what I DID think of? Places, times, events where you will want to have MY BiG WiTs about you!

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